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Ways to Maximize Charitable Contributions Thumbnail

Ways to Maximize Charitable Contributions

Charitable giving provides both good and tax savings. Here are some strategies to help maximize both: Donate appreciated assets - Contributing long-term appreciated securities, such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds, real estate, or private company stock, can be a highly tax-efficient method of giving.

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Goals with a Purpose Thumbnail

Goals with a Purpose

When you meet with a new financial advisor, you can almost guarantee that one of the initial questions will be: ‘what are your goals?’ I will admit I’m guilty of this too, and I can admit that goals are hard questions. We are bombarded with typical ideas of what success looks like for example “buying a house” or “retiring early.” These are the pretty standard answers. But are those your goals?

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Economic Statistics Thumbnail

Economic Statistics

Leading economic indicators are statistics and data points that provide insights into the future direction of an economy. Here are ten leading economic indicators:

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