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investment management

Our number one goal is achieving success for our clients and provide you with the best experience possible. Our investment management consulting services are holistic and comprehensive in their approach. Our approach to investment management follows a disciplined approach that has been shaped by decades of research to determine the most efficient investment plan. We believe that security prices reflect all publicly available information as intense competition among market participants drives prices toward fair value. Our comprehensive approach includes implementing an asset allocation strategy, managing your investments over the long term taking advantage of proper tax strategies.

Tax Strategies

Given the closely acquainted relationship with our clients we become aware of financial situations that can be very helpful in tax planning. We work closely with clients CPA’s/ Tax Planning Attorneys to take these items into consideration as they likely have an overall impact on performance. Here are a few ways we can help with your tax strategy:

  • Maximize tax-advantaged savings
  • Compiling the records of trading gains and losses in a secure format
  • Tax- efficient investing strategies
  • Limiting taxes in the distribution phase
  • Gifting Strategies

Financial Planning

Clients bring in financial concerns as different and unique as each of their own fingerprints. No two situations ever present in the same way. The goal of financial planning should ultimately give you the peace of mind to know you are on the right track with your financial future.

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Estate Planning

Possessing estate planning documents does not always mean the estate planning goals are going to be met. We strive to implement a solid plan for our clients so you can avoid unnecessary death tax, unnecessary probate costs, and properly designate beneficiaries for your retirement accounts. Furthermore we recognize the importance of a partnership between your financial advisor and an estate planning attorney to carry out your goals successfully.

alternative assets

We utilize alternative investments to add non correlated assets to the portfolio.  This improves the effect of diversification and increases chances of investment success.  Correlating asset classes can cause an increase in portfolio volatility and potentially hurt long-term returns. We are constantly striving to achieve the optimum risk/reward levels for each of our clients. By including Alternative Assets into the construction of a portfolio there is evidence of further optimization as compared to a 100% “traditional” stock & bond portfolio. Depending on your goals, risk tolerance and objectives, alternatives may add to the potential for increased diversification, risk management and enhanced long-term performance in uncertain markets.  

Key Benefits of Alternatives:

  • Broader Diversification 
  • Ability to reduce risk/volatility 
  • Potential to Enhance Returns

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We understand that an employer-sponsored retirement plan is one of the most important employee benefits you can offer to your valued employees. Selecting and monitoring a qualified retirement plan can be overwhelming for even the diligent plan sponsor. Brightscape has retirement plan professionals helping to navigate the process of building a plan.

We can help mitigate your fiduciary liability while maximizing investment opportunities, ensuring plan compliance, and helping plan participants achieve financial security. With an objective and unbiased approach, Brightscape will help you to select, implement, and manage a robust qualified retirement plan. 

We also offer a custom fit Financial Wellness Solution for your employees.