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Why We Choose Specific Office Space

Why do we choose specific office space for some of our locations?

Many advisors talk about being innovative or forward thinking, however they are probably sitting in a traditional office writing that message. 

We’ve purposely chosen to locate two of our offices in truly innovative spaces.  Our Dallas, TX office is located in the Southern Headquarters for WeWork, the largest real estate coworking model in the world.  We have access to hundreds of true startups, venture capitalists, and provide mentor assistance to their designated Lab companies.  Conversations occur on the daily with new ways of thinking. 

In Fort Collins, CO, we’ve chosen the Innosphere Building.  Innosphere is an incubator accelerating the success of high-impact science and technology startups & scaleups in Colorado.  At Innosphere one feels the energy of growth, the talk around the “water cooler” usually involves how to get to the next level – whether revenues for a company, skills for an entrepreneur or higher elevation for a mountaineer.

In our business, most people use innovation as a buzzword, not a reality.  For us, the energy entrepreneurs bring to the table every day is contagious.  Being around the constant hustle and drive coming from these individuals trying to make something from just an idea is amazing to be a part of.